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Bonnie K. Goodman BA, MLIS (McGill University) is a Professional Librarian (CBPQ) & historian. Former editor @ History News Network & reporter @


  • Clarissa W. Atkinson

    Clarissa W. Atkinson

    Author: The Oldest Vocation; Mystic & Pilgrim #MargeryKempe. Former Assoc Dean @HarvardDivinity. Alumna @BCHistoryDept @SmithCollege. Now: #1950s all over again

  • Jonathan Menon

    Jonathan Menon

    Writer. Editor. Facebook quitter. Hollywood addict. Lover of history, #feminism, kindness. #StarTrek #Bellarke #TaylorSwift I left my heart in the 1980s.

  • Murray Newlands

    Murray Newlands

    Contributor Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag. Staff run, tweets from Murray are signed -mn. #MUSTREAD #motivation #leadership #bookclub #books

  • Alastair Sweeny

    Alastair Sweeny

    Author, Publisher, Historian and Fire Along the Frontier, my 1812 history:

  • Jon Mark

    Jon Mark

    I wake up and write for @DailyKOS, @BlastingNews, @LibAmericaOrg and the @CommonsDune network, and then I sleep like the dead.

  • Birendra Kumar

    Birendra Kumar

  • Naman Kariwal

    Naman Kariwal

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